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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”– Nelson Mandela

About Company

Royal Sulaiha Consultants is a name that has been built through hard work of 03 years with full customer satisfaction. The best continuous guidance and other services became the most supported partners in these endeavors. We believe quality education is an investment that everyone makes. So we always think of driving our students to excellence by utilizing the opportunities. In this task, we always offer our best service to guide our students successfully along their educational pathway. We can proudly say that our pathway is guaranteed because we keep on monitoring and giving all the guidance in each chapter ranging from accommodations, licensing exams and medical internships. We always ensure that our students get internships and career opportunities in each country they wish to continue their journey.

Due to the limited admissions to state universities and especially to science faculties more than 100,000+ Sri Lankan students who complete their Advance Level qualifications under the state education system and London education systems like Edexcel and Cambridge annually seek alternative study options. By our partnership to SLMC / Sri Lanka Medical Council approved universities and WHO / World Health Organization approved universities we plunge these aspiring students to their medical career. Doing so, the students after successful completion would be able to venture the post graduate specializations such as surgery, cardiology, pediatrics, urology, and pathology, etc..under one roof.

For those students seeking post graduate qualifications would need to qualify for the bench exams for FMG’s (Foreign Medical Graduates) namely the ACT 16 or ERPM / Examinations for Registration to Practice Medicine in Sri Lanka and FMGE / Foreign Medical Graduate Examination conducted by the MCI / Medical Council of India or any other licensing exams in their respective countries.

While these examinations continue to process, the process itself is much strenuous and time consuming. For a student to be eligible for the ACT 16 Examinations / ERPM or FMGE a set Advanced Level Grade is fixed for both local and international school students and all students need to be able to seek admissions to those universities recognized by the SLMC / Sri Lanka Medical Council. Unfortunately, the local Post Graduate Degree Institute in Sri Lanka currently is only able to accommodate a limited number of applicants, a handful of specializations and provides a mediocre training facility. Therefore, for these aspirants who have successfully completed their undergraduate (MBBS / MD) degree programs need to be able to seek admission at a facility that empowers and utilizes their knowledge and skills.

We firmly believe that no dream is too big, and no case too trivial, when it comes to overseas dream. We can proudly state that many of our students have been placed in world class universities around the globe. We believe in promoting and working towards a borderless world, where knowledge and labor flow in an efficient pattern across the world. We believe in a truly merit based world where the best talent is mapped to the best job, and the best student to the best university, irrespective of nationality and circumstance. It is this belief that drives and motivates us to constantly stretch beyond the ordinary and to keep on reinventing ourselves to provide the best consulting services. So why choose us?

01. No. 01 emerging medical placement company and career consulting institution in Sri Lanka.
02. Over 03+ years of student placement service.
03. We have placed over 100+ medical students around the world.
04. We work with 6 universities endorsed by the SLMC / Sri Lanka Medical Council and all our other universities are approved by the MCI / Medical Council of India, ECFMG / Education Commission For Foreign Medical Graduates in the USA, GMC / General Medical Council in the United Kingdom & AMC / Australian Medical Council, FAIMER / Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research and WHO / World Health Organization.
05. Student counseling performed by SLMC / Sri Lanka Medical Council Registered Medical Doctors.

Our vision

Our Vision

“We aspire to be the largest trusted transnational quality education provider in Sri Lanka and South Asia.”

Our mission

Our Mission

Guiding excellence.


Our Core Values

Find the best opportunities and guide our students for excellence

Ethics and dignity is the core to our success, that is why we are so confident about our study pathways and services.

Yes we are different, which is why we proudly call ourselves the trusted education partner.

Our past, present and future is the success of our students and we will do our best to make them outstanding.

We will travel your journey with you, so we know you are happy and accomplished in your journey.

Director’s Message

Director’s Message

Royal Sulaiha Consultants, having experience in managing and delivering international education programs of quality and reputed nature, sees the high potential of this opportunity to work with universities abroad creating room for students who are seeking to obtain undergraduate (MBBS /MD / Engineering) or post graduate degree qualifications. We also need to make sure our students can afford it. We can assure you that with Royal Sulaiha Consultants you get the best at the best affordable price. We have a history of proof of this. We know that education is an investment that takes a lot of effort. That is where the Royal Sulaiha Consultants stands, to help you make that decision as efficiently as possible. I welcome everyone who wishes to succeed in their education because we can proudly say that we can be the best guider in that endeavor.

Choosing to study abroad, is the best choice a student can make: vast cultural diversity, the heart of research and conference centers and the possibility of easily being involved in the community, meeting people from all over the world and the possibility of making network useful lasting for the rest of life, etc. Studying medicine abroad would make students grow a lot and quickly.

Royal Sulaiha Consultants as the pioneer of international higher education provider in Sri Lanka uses it’s marketing and recruiting network to attract students locally: Sri Lanka and regionally from countries such as India, Maldives, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Middle Eastern Countries namely Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria, Jordon, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain.

Right now, the medical placements of Royal Sulaiha Consultants has over 100+ successful medical undergraduates in leading medical universities in countries such as Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Russia & the Philippines.

We have always served and will serve the swiftly and spectacularly changing needs of innovative students from different nations. We rest on the principled foundation as laid out in our mission while fashioning a new future with our students and our constituents. So as we move towards the third year, let’s work together to aim for strategies for the challenges. Let’s find new ways to reach students aiming at liberal and accessible higher education that leads to career opportunities worldwide. It has also been a thrill to meet and work with many wonderful students, parents, and friends now at different universities around the globe. The passion we all hold for our work at this special place is acknowledged by our stakeholders.

I wish to thank all who have made Royal Sulaiha Consultants, an emerging leader amongst medical placement companies in Sri Lanka. We welcome our fellow students and parents from different social, educational, and backgrounds regardless of race, color, and religion.

I look forward to the challenges and openings of the future!

Dr. Ijaz Ahamed Ilyas


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