Study In Belarus

Formerly a member of the Soviet Union, Belarus is located in the heart of Eastern Europe between Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Latvia and Lithuania. Belarus, which is slightly smaller than the state of Kansas, has been an independent country since 1990 and has a population of nearly 9.5 million.

Every year, more than 6,000 foreign students study at Belarusian universities. Located in eastern Poland and western Russia, the country places great importance on university education and offers affordable tuition fees for international students as well as a variety of courses. University education is appreciated in Belarus and the country has a high student ratio compared to the general population.

There are 48 universities in Belarus, most of which are located in the capital Minsk or Brest in southwest Belarus along the Polish border. Most of the universities here are accredited by global associations such as UNESCO, WHO and MCI.

Living in Belarus
  • Basic monthly local transportation cost USD 14
  • Fast food combo meal cost – USD 4
  • Cinema Ticket price USD 3
Select Your University
  • Grodno State Medical University

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